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Charcoal Pitch F.C:

The first Black owned sports photography agency dedicated to creatively exploring soccer/football visually and educationally through a multiracial visual lens providing unique story telling lead by famed NYC hip hop photographer and founder Mel D. Cole.



Why us?

We see differently, creatively and consciously. We are unapologetically Black! We see us. We represent us. We love us. We promote us!

CNN did a piece on Mel D about his passion for football. See the video below and read the write up here

“Mel D. Cole is one of the most accomplished hip-hop photographers in the world but recently he has been applying his unique perspective to some of football's biggest stars.”

Source: CNN

Black soccer boys

The Approach.

Be yourself, show us who you really are and we got you! We are dedicated to documenting the sport differently by being authentic through love and emotion without fear.






Cuba Soccer


The pitch is our studio. If there’s soccer/football culture going on, no matter where, we will be there!

From the streets of Cuba and Angola to the waters in Indonesia and the iconic pitches in AS Roma and Man City. Let us help you tell your/our story.

Cuba barefoot soccer
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raheem sterling


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On and off the pitch.

Yes, we are there!

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Founder/Photographer  Mel D. Cole

Founder/Photographer Mel D. Cole

Black owned | New York City